Adult Bible Study

There are 10 Adult Bible Study Classes to choose from that meet at 10:00am each Sunday morning. Being involved in a Bible Study class helps us to share the Christian journey together each week! 

Couples - A mixed group of couples and singles, ranging from the 50's to retirement age who follow the Standard International Bible Study.  Meets in Room 308.

Crossworkers - Adults who study contemporary Christian issues and enjoy sharing ideas and opinions among the group.  Meets in Room 310.

Happy Christians- Couples, singles, young, old, in-between who study Adult Bible Studies.  Meets in Room 205.

Motley Christians - Adults who discuss current iissues in the light of Scripture.  Meets in Room 303. 

Pairs & Spares - A mission oriented class of singles and couples who use the Adult Bible Studies for a discussion based Bible study.  Meets in Room 307.

Willing Workers/Fellowship- Youthful senior ladies who love studying the Bible, using Adult Bible Studies, and who love the fellowship among the group.  Meets in Room 201.

W.I.N.G.S.- A mixed age women's class that focuses on women's issues through prayer, fellowship, and a deeper understanding of God's Word.  Meets in Room 306.

Work in Progress - A class of young adults with small children who focus their study on a book of the Bible.  The class is discussion driven.  Each week they examine how the scripture relates to family, work, church, and comunity life.  Meets in Room 309.

Searchers - Men and women of all ages who study a variety of Bible-based topics, with much discussion and inquiry within the group.  Meets in Room 305

B.A.S.I.C. (Young Adult) - A Sunday school geared toward college-aged students and young professionals that seek to grow closer to God by living out His purpose through fellowship and learning together.  We focus on a certain topic for a few weeks at a time with an emphasis on God's Word to drive our discussion.    Meets in Room 312.