Holy Communion is the highest sacrament of the United Methodist Church. This sacrament is often called by other names, including the Lord's Supper, the Last Supper and Eucharist. The United Methodist Church recognizes only baptism and Holy Communion as sacraments because they were the only acts ordained by Christ.

It is a sacred ritual action, a holy meal through which the church remembers God's saving work in creation and covenant, in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The church invites and invokes the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, celebrating with thanksgiving Christ's continuing presence in the world through the Holy Spirit. We receive a foretaste of and anticipate the heavenly banquet.

In the United Methodist Church, Holy Communion is open to all persons. You do not have to be a member to participate.

At Smyrna First United Methodist all Christian believers are welcome to the table from which we share Holy Communion.  This is not just a Methodist table; it is the Lord's Table.  Therfore, all persons are invited to share in this sacrament.  If you are unable to come to the front but wish to be served, please communicate to an usher that desire and the bread and cup will be brought to you by one of the pastors.

It is also our custom to leave a special offering as we receive communion.  This offering supports various mission ministries of the church.  As you worship, may the Holy Spirit enter you life and give you power for daily living. 

Communion is served in both services on the first Sunday of each month.