September was a month of LEARNING for me! I learned something new every day about church and the people in it. I hope by now I have had the pleasure of meeting you and as the title says I am SO happy to be here! Thank you all for your hospitality and making my family and me feel welcomed. Ministry to young people is so important to me and I am honored to be able to pray for and serve alongside of you as we partner together in teaching scripture to littles. God has so many big things for each one of them and I am blessed to be a part of it!

Kristi Polster

Volunteer Schedules

Children's Sermon                        8:30                                  11:00                                        

Oct. 13                                  Scott Buchholz                        Kristi Polster

Oct. 20                                  Lane Cronan                           Nicole Takayama

Oct. 27                                  Kristi Polster                            Kristi Polster

Children's Church

Oct. 6                        Pat Sallee & Joey Polster                   Donna Nelson & Betty Cooley

Oct. 13                     Kristi Polster & Brit Clark                     Lydia Oliver & Kelly Moody

Oct. 20                    Erin Loewer &  Vicki Bowles                Kristi Polster & Virginia McKinney

Oct. 27                    Sarah Baehr & Michelle Parker           Ashley Smith & Christi Coon

“Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”  Psalm 119:105

Children's Sunday school classes and locations:

Infant Nursery (up to age 3) Room 108

PK & K Room 101

Elementary 1st-3rd, Room 105

Elementary Grades 4- 5  Room 102

PARENT REMINDERS: If we claim to be a Safe Sanctuary church, we need to abide by our policy. Therefore, I need your cooperation and help by dropping the children and picking up the children on time. Parents, please remind the children that they cannot enter the class room if the teacher or “shepherd” is not present. The play ground equipment is for pre-school age children only. The safety and care of your child is very important to us.

Parents, please make sure to bring the completed Contact Information Form . Make sure to receive a copy of the Contact Information Form from your child’s Sunday school teacher. This will help us make sure that all of the contact information and any special needs that your child may have are updated. We MUST have one sheet per child if your child is in grade 6 or younger.

Special thanks to all the Sunday School teachers, helpers and nursery care givers for your dedication, commitment and hard work through the year! May God continue to bless all your endeavors!