SUNDAYS, 5-6:30 PM  Fellowship Hall


REVIVE Youth is starting a new series in February on spiritual habits called Choose Your Own Adventure.

FEBRUARY 9: The lesson is about how spending time with God isn't a formula you have to get right — it's an adventure you get to live. We will also discuss choosing our relationships wisely, because our relationships impact our faith journeys. Here's the summary: relationships are a choice, not an accident.

February 16: The lesson is about how our stories of faith matter and should be shared, even if we're still figuring out what we believe. Here is our big idea: your story is in progress, not complete.

February 23: We will end our series with a conversation about how we're invited to join Jesus on His mission to save the world by caring for the most vulnerable and in need among us. Because you can change the world today, not someday.

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