What is our Purpose?
It is our desire to move others closer to discerning the will of God for their lives.

What is our Vision?
Touching hearts and transforming lives through caring, sharing, and loving.

What are our Goals?
We will challenge our members to move toward more involvement in the church. We will have an intentional process of connection through which the discovery of people's individual needs will be assessed and encouraged to be used to glorify God. We will develop a community by which people will live in harmony, peace, and love and feel a sense of inclusivity. We will celebrate those who belong to our church and the significant contributions they have made to it.

What are our Strategies?
We will excel in worship. We will evangelize the lost. We will equip disciples. We will educate ourselves on church ministry systems. We will encourage our members to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in the use of their gifts. We will embody the incarnation of Christ toward others.

What are our Values?
We will maintain the ultimate priority of glorifying God in every ministry and program of our church and will do so with integrity, excellence, joy, harmony, love, commitment, accuracy, clarity, and relevancy

What are our Limitations?
We recognize that certain decisions we make or certain actions we take can impede our ability to accomplish God's will for our church. It is therefore our resolution that we never pursue any avenue of ministry that is contrary to our church's purpose;we will strive to be good stewards of our finances, and maintain an integrity of all our non-financial resources; we will yield ourselves to the Scriptures and the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church; we will not stray away from the principles and precepts of the Bible, and continually seek to discern God's will for our church.