Project Transformation 2018

Project Transformation is a non-profit, Christian organization that was founded in Dallas, Texas. In 2012 summer, the Tennessee Annual Conference partnered to launch Project Transformation in Nashville, TN.

Project Transformation engages young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, supports underserved children and families, and connects churches to communities in need. Since 2012, this ministry has been addressing three unique challenges with one program: 1) how to meet the academic, physical, and spiritual needs of children from low-income communities; 2) how to provide meaningful ways for college-age young adults to explore ministry opportunities and develop as young principled leaders for the church and the world; and 3) how to help revitalize churches. 

Project Transformation

Pat Campbell, Sue Carter, Bryant Clark, Shirley Cobble, Peggy Davidson,

Joe Elliott, Trevor Gentry, Ron Guest, Helen Hardiman, Ruth Hudnall,

Barbara Huebel, Felicia Kumar, Virginia McKinney, Barbara Pierce,

Mary Ann Rogers, Ashley Smith, Carol Smith, Jackie Vaughan, David Wills, Jenny Wills,

Nita Wright, and Tom Wright.

Thanks a million to the 22 faithful Dinner and Reading volunteers for their commitment and dedication in helping with Project Transformation this year at Key Memorial UMC.

If anyone wishes to help during the year, please talk to Felicia.