We are pleased and honored that you are considering Smyrna First United Methodist Church as a choice for your wedding ceremony or reception. This is an important part of your lives and your Christian belief.  Please remember that this is a church and that services should be designed in the spirit of worship for which this building was intended.  If you need further information, please contact the church office, 615/459-2826.

Click Wedding Document 2019.docx  for a copy of our Wedding Policy.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery includes pictures outside and inside the Sanctuary, outside and inside the Chapel, and Christmas trees and decorations used during the Christmas season.  Weddings scheduled for December MUST use Advent and Christmas decorations put in place by the Altar Guild through Epiphany.  Decorations may NOT be moved or removed. 

Wedding Hostess Job Description


The Wedding Hostess serves as the representative for the church to assist the bride and groom. It is required for members and non-members to use our wedding hostess. She is a member of the Smyrna First congregation and will be at the rehearsal and the wedding. She is knowledgeable and familiar with Smyrna First’s wedding manual. She is aware of the church’s policies concerning the use of candles, appropriate music, photography, and even any cleanup that is expected. She is familiar with all of the facilities available. She will be acquainted with the sound system, knows which rooms are used for dressing rooms and will be able to show you the church’s wedding provisions (candelabras, kneeling bench, etc.).

Qualifications, Skills and Gifts include:
* is people-oriented and friendly
* is outgoing and personable.
* has a cheerful and warm demeanor; easy to approach.
* possesses personal creative skills.
* practices good organizational and communication skills.
* is detail-oriented.
* has a humble and serving attitude, yet can be firm (in a nice way) about what
items can be moved and what cannot be moved.
* is willing to shoulder great responsibility, yet remain largely behind the scenes at the wedding ceremony and related events.
* possesses one or more of the following gifts: administration, craftsmanship, creativity, communication, encouragement, faith, knowledge, leadership, shepherding, teaching, wisdom

Job Description:

• Meet with the bride and groom.
    1. Review hostess duties and responsibilities
    2. Tour facility, if needed.
    3. Review wedding information packet
    4. Review bride’s design plan for the ceremony.
    5. Confirm dates and times for ceremony, rehearsal, and reception, if applicable.
    6. Determine needs for wedding: sound, piano player, organist, music, etc.
    7. Determine physical needs:
           Communion Table (elements)
•         Kneeler
•         Candelabras
•         Candle Lighters
•         Guest book table
•         Stage needs (equipment, silk plants)
•         Music stands for readers/soloists (to be passed on to sound person)

• Communicate all dates and plans with SFUMC’s Office Manager 459-2826, (c) 713-7306.

• Notify appropriate persons involved with lighting, music, multimedia, etc.

• Check with the Officiating Pastor regarding the wedding rehearsal, wedding and reception.

• Coordinate with Altar Guild the time they will prepare the altar for the wedding
   and after the wedding for Sunday services.

• Coordinate with custodian times for clean up before and after rehearsal, wedding, reception.

• Coordinate with sound tech about the sound system set-up, including any extra microphones.

•  Arrange with church organist if one is requested.  Coordinate with organist/pianist about the music requested.

• Make sure bridal dressing area (Room 303) is equipped with full length mirrors, covered windows, and show bridal      party exit and entrance path.  Same with groomsmen area (Room 201).

• Open and secure the building facilities for all rehearsals and the wedding/reception.

• Arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the rehearsal time and the designated time bridal
   party will arrive for the wedding. Coordinate with bride the floral arrangement arrival
   time and also the caterer arrival time if the reception is held at the church.

• Make sure lights are turned on and AC/Heat is on.

• Monitor clean up of all Smyrna First facilities used. Make sure all items used (tables, candle lighters, etc.) are clean and returned to their proper places.

• Check all rooms used for personal items. Turn off all lights and secure facilities.

• Document successes and challenges of event.

Wedding Emergency Kit
Encourage the wedding couple to consider having family put together an “emergency kit” just for weddings. The following items would be appropriate:

Thread (selection of colors)                         Antacid
Needles                                                        Small first-aid kit
Thimble                                                        Capsule of ammonia
Scissors (all-purpose)                                  Lint roller/clothes brush
Shirt buttons                                                 Cleaning fluid
Nail file, emery board                                  Plain envelopes
Nail polish                                                   Name tags
Hair Spray                                                  All-purpose glue
Bobby pins, hair pins                                  Transparent tape
Comb, mirror                                               Masking Tape
Breath mints                                                Matches
Aspirin, Tylenol                                         Tape measure